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Tax Reduction, GST and IRAS Filing

Tax Compliance and Filing


The difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper is their knowledge of the tax laws. Our Chartered Accountants are well versed in both accounting and tax, and can directly help to save your tax dollars by applying the correct tax allowances, reliefs and reductions. We can even go one step further and perform overall tax planning.


IRAS Filing - starting from $1,088 nett per year

+ Drafting 12 month tax workings and returns

+ Reducing tax where possible

+ Performing IRAS returns and filing


GST filing at $388 per quarter

+ Checking and reviewing of GST items

+ Performing GST returns and filing


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We are pleased to remind you that ACRA and GST tax compilation and filing services are included free-of-charge if customers sign a minimum 12-month package of Accountant SG. Also included are ACRA accounts compilation and services.

Accountant SG


SMEs need good quality accountants who know Management Accounting to help reduce expenses and grow the business. A simple bookkeeper is not sufficient in today’s business environment anymore. A good accountant will be your right hand man for finance related issues.

We highly recommend our Accountant SG service plans as the greatest value-add for your company. Its like hiring a Financial Controller at the fees of a Bookkeeper!

Accountant SG provides you with a highly qualified Chartered Accountant (minimum Financial Controller level) to do all your bookkeeping, accounting and tax filing and returns at affordable prices. You may consider our following plans:


Once per 2 weeks

Recommended for low volume of transactions (<100 per month)


Once per week

Recommended for average volume of transactions (<250 per month)


Twice per week

Recommended for high volume of transactions (<500 per month)


We are pleased to announce that all 12-month packages of Accountant SG plans come with the following free services and add-ons:

+ Free business review once a month

+ Free ACRA compilation and filing, XBRL - worth $4,656/year

+ Free IRAS and GST compilation and filing - worth $2,640/year

+ Free Quickbooks subscription for cloud accounting - worth $520/year


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